This visit to the newly established Odense office of the agency will include a short introduction to the history of governmental environmental protection in Denmark. Furthermore, there will be a presentation on how discussions and decisions on environment and climate are made in the intersection between the public sphere, science, media, commercial interests, and the political system (regionally, nationally, and internationally). A main question will be, what are the challenges for a governmental agency in this context? After the presentation there will be a round table discussion the role and opportunities for the collaboration between governmental agencies, academic communities, and the public.

Practical information

Transportation: The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is located right next to the trainstation. We go there with public transportation from SDU. Participants are required to pay their own transportation (DKK 24).

Duration: 2-2.5 hours (without transportation time)

Number of participants: Minimally 15 participants; maximally 30 participants.